• Introduction to American Politics, Prof. Marc Meredith (Fall 2015)

  • Introduction to American Politics, Prof. Matthew Levendusky (Fall 2016)


"There is typically a negative stigma that surrounds TAs - they're just grad students who don't understand the material much better than you, are only in it for the money, and can't explain things correctly. Thanks to my experience with Eunji, I can say with cofidence that that stigma is false. I never dreaded heading over the recitation, where Eunji's informative slides helped me understand the main takeaway points from the lecture. She not only explained concepts clearly and concisely, but occasionally even in a fun, playful mode to wake us all up early on Friday mornings. She held numerous office hours to ensure everyone who needed assistance structuring paper outlines received it, and left comments/edits on the submitted drafts of our papers to teach us better writing skills for next time. It was clear to me that Eunji wasn't a TA merely because it was a job, but rather because she cared about inspiring the next generation of Political Science students, and thanks to her, I feel much better prepared for the PSCI courses I will be taking this coming semester."

"The TA effectively helped us extract the different theories from the works of various authors and explained their importance. She guided us in using these theories to make sense of larger trends and topics we were learning about in lecture and in the textbook. Also, she made herself extremely available and helpful outside of class especially when it came to essays, offering advice and constructive criticism. The recitation gave the class focus, organization, and direction."

"I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have had Eunji as a TA for this course. I have never had a TA that was so well prepared for every recitation, who made themselves available outside of class as often as she did, and who genuinely cared about the students' understanding of the material. I truly looked forward to attending recitation with Eunji because she made it interesting with personal anecdotes, quick political trivia, funny stories, etc. She was vital to my success in this course through her helpful packets. Her own enthusiasm the topics we learned is what made me enjoy the material so much. She went above and beyond what is expected as a TA (extended office hours, extra review notes, helpful lecture summaries) to ensure that her students found success. I can only hope to have TA's as great as Eunji as I, thanks to her contagious enthusiasm, continue to pursue political courses at Penn."

"Her attitude towards the subject was so passionate that although I did not enjoy the class as a whole, I certainly enjoyed coming to recitation every Friday, and she stimulated my interest in the subject. When we had papers, Eunji opened her schedule vastly for us, offering ten times more office hours than usual to accommodate for all of our busy schedules."

"I feel genuinely lucky to have had Eunji as my recitation leader. Without knowing much about the other TAs, I am still confident that I had the best one. In only 50 minutes, she was able to consolidate all the most important information from lectures and the readings and present it to the class in a way that was interesting and informative. While the class was pretty entry-level, there were some topics I found a little confusing initially, like the Wilson-Lowi matrix. Eunji did an excellent job making these subjects absolutely clear. While I know some of my friends have complained about recitations in their classes being a waste of time, I would argue that attending Eunji s recitations has been just as important for me in terms of succeeding in PSCI 130 as attending Prof. Levendusky s lectures. Additionally, Eunji frequently went above and beyond when trying to prepare us for our essays, midterm, and final.  [...] She seemed genuinely excited about even (to me) somewhat mundane topics in political science and her enthusiasm was infectious. I would absolutely choose Eunji as my recitation leader in the future and as my professor if given the option."

"Kim Eunji was my favorite TA for this semester for several reasons. First off, she always came into class with a positive, interesting, and enthusiastic attitude. This really showed through the recitation and allowed me to be further interested in the subject matter. Kim was also fantastic because she always did beyond what was expected for recitation. For instance, every class she did fun PSCI facts, made the class do debates to further gain insight (which other classes didn't do), and also provided us with test taking and essay tips. Kim is also great because she not only knew all the material well but also connected the course with other concepts. Kim was my favorite Ta this semester and has made a big impact on my experience in PSCI and at Penn."

"Eunji is the best TA I have had at Penn yet. She went out of her way to make sure that we were comfortable with the material and felt as prepared as possible, by conducting extremely effective recitations, giving very helpful feedback on papers, and going above and beyond in providing us with extremely extensive office hours. I am extremely grateful to all of her help in this course and how warm, engaging and personable she was when I met with her one on one."

"I learned more in recitation than in lecture. It was more interesting to look at arguments about the course concepts than to look at the concepts themselves. One of the most knowledgeable TAs I've had over eight semesters of political science classes."

"This is my second year and Eunji was, by far, the best TA I have had at thus far at Penn. She really went above and beyond to help each one of her students succeed in this class. Eunji is extremely easy to work with and her passion for the subject is quite clear, which really helped me to be excited about the class material. I just hope to have TAs in the future who are even half as dedicated as Eunji has been."

"Eunji is the best T.A. that I have had at Penn. She is incredibly organized and took countless hours out of her schedule to be available to students. In the weeks leading up to the essay deadlines, she would often have up to 20 office hours per week. She gave us really detailed feedback, so we really understood why we got certain grades and how we could improve. She also organized group study guides and debates, so that everyone in the recitation could contribute.