University of Pennnsylvania
       Joint Ph.D., Political Science & Communication, 2013-2019 (expected)
          Dissertation: Entertaining Beliefs in Economic Mobility
      M.A., Statistics, The Wharton School, 2017.

Harvard University
      B.A., Government (Foreign Language Certificate in French), 2011.



Book chapters

Working Papers

  • "Entertaining Beliefs in Economic Mobility" (Job Market Paper) — Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer, At the Intersection

  • “Temporal Selective Exposure: How Partisans Choose When to Follow Politics” (with Jin Woo Kim) Under Review

  • “The Implications of Partisan Media for Economic Perceptions” (with Diana C. Mutz)

  • “Proven Failure: Identifying the Downstream Effect of First Time Presidential Voting on Trust in Government” (with Jin Woo Kim)

  • “Race, Trade, and Public Opinion” (with Diana C. Mutz and Edward Mansfield) — Featured in Chicago Council on Global Affairs

  • “Why Concerns About Economic Inequality Do Not Translate into Support for Redistributive Policies?” (with Rasmus T. Petersen and Diana C. Mutz)


Conference Presentations

  • American Political Science Association Annual Meeting: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • International Communication Association Annual Meeting: 2018

  • American Association of Public Opinion Research Annual Meeting: 2017

  • Annual Meeting of the Society of Political Methodology: 2017 (poster)

  • Visions in Methodology Annual Meeting: 2018 (selected attendee)

Awards and Grants


  • GAPSA-Provost Fellowship Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation ($6,000)

  • Travel Grant, Visions in Methodology Conference ($500)

  • Political Communication Top Paper Award, International Communication Association

  • Scholars Program in Culture and Communication Grant ($500)


  • American Political Science Association Political Communication Travel Award ($500)

  • Travel Grant, Society for Political Methodology ($500)

  • Excellence in Academic & Intellectual Life Award, College Houses & Academic Services

  • Christopher Browne Center for International Politics Research Grant ($1,000)

  • School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Travel Subvention ($500)

  • American Association of Public Opinion Research Student Travel Award ($700)


  • Top Student Paper Award, DC Chapter of the American Association of Public Opinion Research ($1,000)

  • Top Student Paper Award, PA/NJ Chapter of the American Association of Public Opinion Research ($300)


PSCI 130 Introduction to American Politics. (Prof. Matt Levendusky) 2016.
PSCI 130 Introduction to American Politics. (Prof. Marc Meredith) 2015.

Academic Service

Referee for American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Public Opinion Quarterly, American Politics Research, International Journal of Communication.

Discussant: MPSA 2016, 2017 (Class and Inequality Section)

University Service

Graduate Associate in Residence, Rodin College House. 2016 - present.
Graduate Associate in Residence, Hill College House. 2014 - 2016.
Graduate Mentor, Penn College Achievement Program (PENNCAP). 2014.


Diana C. Mutz (Co-Chair)  &  Daniel J. Hopkins (Co-Chair) 
Matthew Levendusky (Political Science); Marc Meredith (Political Science) 
Michael X. Delli Carpini  (Annenberg);  Yphtach Lelkes (Annenberg)